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 Over 40 years experience in sprinkler repair!

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Description of Services

Sprinkler system activation

Sprinkler system activation: If your sprinklers are using domestic water, we turn on your sprinkler tap and inspect your backflow device for leaks. If you have a pump system, we clean the filter, prime your pump and and inspect the pump and filter for leaks. We check all the zones, program the sprinkler controller, adjust the heads for proper coverage, repair or replace any defective sprinkler heads, check for broken pipes, and check the drip zones for leaks or clogged emitters.

Sprinkler repairs

We can repair all sprinkler brands. We repair lawn pumps, broken sprinkler lines, sprinkler controllers, drip zones, backflow devices, manual or electric lawn valves, broken or defective sprinkler heads, drip zones, and low voltage electric wiring. We also install new sprinkler controllers, lawn pumps, filters for pump systems, and new valves. We can automate a manual sprinkler system, add new heads to a zone for better coverage, or add a valve for a new lawn or drip zone.

Sprinkler winterization

We shut off the water and blow the water out of the sprinkler lines with air.

Water conservation and efficiency upgrades:

Water is our most precious resource, and we can help you reduce your water usage. We can upgrade your sprinkler heads to more efficient heads that use less water, install a rain and temperature sensor for your sprinkler controller, or install a new controller with a weather station that automatically adjusts the water schedule.

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About Us

Chris Clemens

Chris Clemens, our owner, has a background in the landscape service industry that includes working for big companies and owning his own small landscape business in Metropolitan Denver, as well as 10 years working with landscape companies and golf courses on the Western Slope. He has experience in all phases of landscape management including tree trimming, organic fertilization, aeration, commercial and residential mowing, and sprinkler repair. His sprinkler experience includes working as a commercial sprinkler repair technician for one of the largest landscape management companies in the Denver metro area and as an irrigation specialist at two golf courses on the western slope. He has been repairing sprinkler systems for over 40 years and has done repairs on almost every sprinkler brand on the market. If your sprinkler system is commercial or residential, domestic water or ditch water with a pump, Chris has the expertise to activate your system, repair it, or winterize it.

Our primary goal is to help you reduce the amount of water you use on your landscape. With the southwest in the midst of a 20 year mega drought, we all need to conserve the amount of water we use on our landscapes. Conserving water will also lower your monthly water bill. Planet Earth Sprinklers can help you conserve water. We can audit your sprinkler system and recommend upgrades that will save water. If you do not have a rain sensor, we recommend you install one. A rain sensor can save up to 1,000 gallons if it interrupts one water cycle in a month. We can show you how to program your controller to save water. We recommend you adjust your program every month as the season heats up and cools down. We believe that the best way to conserve water is to stop thinking that your lawn should be dark green when the temperature is above 90 degrees. It is okay to let your lawn stress in the heat. You can even skip mowing for a few weeks when you let your lawn stress. When the temperature cools down, your lawn will recover. Another way to conserve water is to shut off your sprinkler system at the end of September or beginning of October. Water is our most precious resource, we all need to be conservative with our water usage.